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    • Download full albums from Youtube
    • Split albums into songs
    • Support for duration or start-time based tracklists
    • Download albums as single ZIP files or each song individually
    • No need to download any software - works online
    • No registration required

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the output file formats?

    We'll most often generate .m4a files which are MPEG4 audio files (a successor for mp3's). Other formats that we use are .mka files which are Matroska audio containers or .ogg files which are OGG Vorbis files. They all should be playable by most audio players like VLC or similar.

    How do I find and download my favorite album?

    Just go to YouTube and in the search box type your favorite album title and artist name followed by "full album". When you find the appropriate video just copy its URL and use it in

    How to download just one song from the album?

    Use out sister site YT It lets you do just that - download only the required fragment from a YouTube clip. It has an option to extract only music content from the given video, which is exactly what you want.

    What's the quality of the songs?

    We aim to use 128kbps bitrate which is perfect in most cases.

    What is the maximum number of tracks?

    It's 99... We haven't seen albums having more tracks so far. If you need to download more use youtube-dl (youtube-dl -x playlist_url)

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